Pressure of Light Symposium Exhibit at Rauner Library

“On October 5-6, Dartmouth will be hosting the Pressure of Light Symposium celebrating the Wilder Physical Laboratory designation as an American Physical Society Historic Site honoring the first precise measurements of the radiation pressure of light on a macroscopic body by E.F. Nichols and G.F. Hull in 1901-1903.

In conjunction with the event, Rauner Library has mounted a small exhibit of original documents from the experiments drawn from G.F. Hull’s papers. The exhibit will be on display in the Rauner Library Reading Room through October 8, 2012.”

– Library News, 9/28/12

Rauner has some really neat special collections materials that you can peruse. Read about highlights in the collection in their blog. It’s also a very quiet study space!

And speaking of exhibits, “Charting the Universe” made an appearance in The Dartmouth last week! Read also our April blog post about it and come see it before Professor Kremer and his students install the next one!

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