New! Kresge Popular Science Collection

A few of the books to be found on the Popular Science collection shelves.

We’re happy to announce a new collection in Kresge Library, – relatively small, but we’re willing to bet it will be popular and highly used!   Kresge’s new Popular Science Collection will feature recent books on current, popular, high-interest science topics in the physical and general sciences, to be enjoyed by ALL readers regardless of their background in science, mathematics or engineering.    These books have their own location, on the bookcases outside the offices in the center of Kresge (comfy chairs conveniently located close by).   You’ll find books on …

  • Science and popular culture
  • Futurism, forecasting
  • Best-sellers on science topics
  • Current and emerging science areas; controversial or “hot” topics
  • Popular biographies of prominent scientists
  • Vocational and career guides
  • Anthologies of science writing “eg Best American Science Writing”
  • Games, brain teasers, etc.

You’ll find these books in the Library Catalog, just like other Kresge books, but with a location of “Kresge Popular Science.”   We’re building a webguide, as well, so you can browse by title, see the book covers, link to reviews on amazon, and so on.   Books in this collection have a 28-day circulation period, with no renewals, so we can keep these high-interest titles circulating.

Explore the Kresge Popular Science Collection here.  Comments or suggestions?  We’d love to hear from you!   Email us or drop  a note in the comment box!

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