Welcome to Open Access Week

Today marks the launch of worldwide Open Access Week, a time to focus on ways to increase access to scientific and scholarly research globally, in order to extend the impact of this work.

We hope you will take one of the many opportunities available this week to reflect on YOUR role as a researcher, an author, a student, or an editor; drop by our Kick-Off event table down on the first floor of Fairchild Tower from 10:30-12:30 today; attend one of the thought-provoking sessions at DCAL (“Know Your Copyrights”; “Current Issues in Scholarly Publishing”); learn about Dartmouth’s support via the COPE funding program for author fees in fully open access journals; and take a few moments to consider your rights, generally, as an author and how you can ensure that you retain the rights that you need (as a side note, I read a request on a library listserv last Friday from a librarian trying to obtain a copy of an article *for the article’s author,* a faculty member who, evidently, didn’t receive a reprint or copy of the final  pdf version of the article from the publisher, nor did (could?) this public institution subscribe to the journal, nor could it be obtained via interlibrary loan due to publisher restrictions.  She was going to have to *buy the article back* for a significant sum.  I am not making this up.)

Big issues that affect scientists include open access to published work, open data, open educational and learning systems, free and open-source software, and open science.  Do these represent quixotic and fundamentally impractical goals, or sound innovations in the digital age that have the potential to restore a healthy balance to the ecosystems of research, publishing, and higher education?   Make it your responsibility this week to learn more and decide for yourself!

Open Access week was started in 2006 by SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), of which the Dartmouth College Library is a member.

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