NEIGC Guidebooks

“The sole purpose of the NEIGC is, and always has been, to present field trips to students and professionals in interesting geologic areas.” – NEIGC website

A short post to celebrate the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, which has been meeting annually since 1901 (with a few exceptions during the two world wars). Guidebooks from geologic field trips in all areas of New England (and occasionally Quebec) have been published in association with this conference since 1938, (… “A guidebook, organized on the pattern of the International Geological congress type, is being lithoprinted, and will be obtainable at the start of the xcursions.  Those wishing advance copies should write to Dr. Bain for them“) … with earlier notes from the ‘New England Intercollegiate Geological Excursions’ published as conference notes or as meeting reports in Science magazine (a good thing to explore, if you’ve heeded Shirley’s recent post & call for evaluation of the Science Classic archive!).

The NEIGC has a wonderful website, with a complete listing of previous meetings, – dates, locations and organizers, – and a brief history of the organization (or non-organization, as it’s called, for inexplicable but no doubt sound reasons) written by Dabney Caldwell from the Geology Department of Boston University and Thomas Weddle of the Maine Geological Survey.

Many of the NEIGC Field Trip Guidebooks are available online through the UNH Library’s Digital Collections; many, of course, are held right here in Kresge Library (see volume listing), going back to 1952.   Finally, if you haven’t already, you might take a look at AGI’s Geologic Guidebooks of North America Database where the NEIGC Guidebooks are listed along with many others.  The AGI search engine is horrifying (‘Tips: For AND use “&”; for OR use “/”; for NOT use “!”) but they didn’t ask me, … anyway, put in Lake Hitchcock and see what you get (and by the way, shout out to Justin Stroup and Laura Levy, check out today’s Valley News!)

Speaking of eskers, JS and LL, see the 1910 program for the 10th Annual New England Intercollegiate Geological Excursion, to assemble “late Friday afternoon, October 21, at the Hanover Inn, Hanover, N.H.” …

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