Google Scholar Advanced Search

Going with the flow of changes in Google search or Google Scholar (GS) can take a bit of effort. Last year we saw Google remove the GS link from the Google Bar menu.

Scholar can increase visibility and accessibility of scholarly content. Google works with publishers to index peer-reviewed papers, theses, preprints, technical reports and other content from all disciplines of research. More and more of this content is searchable within Google’s main search and not just GS.

The latest change I noticed searching Scholar is the location change for the advanced search screen.  With an advanced search you can perform searches that include phrase, author or publication title.  Google also removed the subject area search limits from their default advanced search option. You can select the new and less powerful “Advanced Search” by using the drop down arrow as the image in this post displays. Use of the advanced search link still works but there is no telling how long Google will keep this page active.

Google Scholar also accepts command line search parameters that can be useful for any Google search.  For example, in Google Scholar if I search on quick_sort filetype:pdf site:edu the results will show only PDF files that posted on an .EDU website and with a pair of words that are linked together (quicksort or quick_sort).

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