Bibliometrics and Author Disambiguation Tools

Can you spot me and Ann Perbohner?

This past weekend I attended an unconference of science, technology, and engineering librarians, called STELLA. The idea behind an unconference is that the participants set the agenda on the day(s) of the meeting(s). I attended 4 very lively sessions over two days. Here are a few highlights from the Bibliometrics and Author Disambiguation session. The session notes include more resources that are important to a scholar/researcher and worth exploring, but these three stood out to me:

  • Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is a new initiative to distinguish researchers through a unique personal identifier. Registration is simple and easy. You can link it to other author IDs that you may have (e.g. Scopus, ResearcherID, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • ImpactStory aggregates altmetrics to measure the impact of your work, searching across databases and sites such as PLOS, PubMed, Scopus, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Mendeley. It is a different way to measure impact that is not based on the journal that your work is published in. Check out the the blogpost about altmetrics written by Jane back in March.
  • figshare uses creative commons licensing to allow scholars to quickly share their research outputs by making it citable and usable by others. They publish all file formats, including figures, videos, and datasets.

We have been working on our Scholarly Publishing and Communication guide, which includes a section linking to these tools and more. We want this guide to be as useful to you as possible so please email us your suggestions!

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