ACS – 2013 Initiatives (aka good news!)

The American Chemical Society comes through with holiday cheer.

Recently announced bounty coming our way in 2013:

* The ACS Style Guide will be available online to libraries that subscribe to the ACS All Publications Package (us!), or the Academic Core+ package, at no charge.

* Digitization of the older Supporting Information. Over 1 million pages of Supporting Information will be added to the ACS Legacy Archives covering the years 1970-1995 (from 1996 forward, supporting information is linked to the online version of the article).   Large tables, extensive figures, lengthy experimental procedures, mathematical derivations, analytical and spectral characterization data, biological test data for a series, molecular modeling coordinates, modeling programs, crystallographic information files, instrument and circuit diagrams, and expanded discussions of peripheral findings … just a click away.    No more microfiche, hurray.

Beat that, Santa.


One thought on “ACS – 2013 Initiatives (aka good news!)

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