MIT Press now available!

Hundreds of great titles from MIT Press are now available through IEEE. They are all discoverable through the Library catalog, or from a search on IEEE Xplore.

You will find books from fields such as computer science, artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology and electrical engineering. Keep up with the most recent MIT Press additions, or browse the complete collection. These high quality books are freely accessible through your Dartmouth login and can be assigned for classes. The MIT Press titles will show up in your IEEE Xplore search alongside other IEEE books, and additional content such as journal articles or proceedings.

Titles include:
Open Access that tells us what open access is and isn’t, how authors and readers benefit from it and how open access avoids copyright problems.

Cognitive Search:Evolution, Algorithms, and the Brain Looks at behavior, biology, cognitive processes, the brain, and computation as we search for resources in our minds and in the world.

Codename Revolution:The Nintendo Wii Platform “describes the Wii’s impact in technological, social, and cultural terms, examining the Wii as a system of interrelated hardware and software that was consciously designed to promote social play in physical space.”

Computing:A Concise History By the historian Paul Ceruzzi, this short book takes us on a tour from the development of the IBM punchcard for use with the 1890 US Census to a smartphone, that computer in your pocket.

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