8 Math Talks to Blow Your Mind

We may all be going on holiday break, but if you are like me, learning does not stop. This new list of TED math talks are both educational and fun to watch. You needn’t be a mathematician to enjoy them, really 🙂

Supplemented here are a handful of books from our library collection or other content that is written by the video presenters.

Ron Eglash
African fractals : modern computing and indigenous design
Baker Berry GN650 .E35 1999

Appropriating technology : vernacular science and social power
Feldberg T14.5 .A68 2004

More about Dennis Wildfogel and his video How big is infinity?

Margaret Wertheim
The pearly gates of cyberspace : a history of space from Dante to the Internet
Baker Berry Cook QA76.9.C66 W48 1999

Physics on the fringe : smoke rings, circlons, and alternative theories of everything
Kresge QC20 .W46 2011

Pythagoras’ trousers : God, physics, and the gender wars
Kresge QC19.6 .W47 1995

Mandelbrot – Way too many library books to list

And for something to read and most of the libraries are closed, check out Kresge’s popular science collection of books on the shelf or browse it online.

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