Kresge To Be Open Longer Hours

Welcome back!

You asked, we listened …

Every so often we get suggestions and requests in our suggestion box at Kresge (it’s outside the front door), and one of the most regular requests is for Kresge to be open longer hours.   So, we’re happy to announce that beginning with this term, Kresge Library will be open until 1am Sunday through Thursday nights (an hour later than previously). In addition, we’re going to be open an additional two hours on Saturday evenings, till 10pm (no change on Friday nights).  We’ll be giving this a trial over winter and spring terms, and will evaluate it after spring term to see whether it’s as popular as we hope it will be.

So, bring your laptops and your lab notebooks, your headphones and your calculators, – we’re open for business!   (actually, if you forget your headphones or your calculator, … you can borrow ours!  We lend ’em out, along with other useful things like laptop chargers, protractors, and the ever-popular molecular model kit.   🙂

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