On Making Math Pop


You may have seen the Dartmouth Now coverage of the article Making Math Pop in a recent issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education by mathematician and department chair, Dan Rockmore. Dan’s review of expository mathematical writings, old and new, is captivating from the first line, “You never forget your first love. I’m staring at her right now: a well-thumbed copy of E.T. Bell’s Men of Mathematics.”

Dan’s Chronicle article highlights colorful stories and histories behind the mathematics many of us have come to enjoy, and the mathematics we use everyday, perhaps without even knowing it. We have many classic and new books in our collection about math and mathematicians from histories to recreations.

The following is a sampling of books mentioned in in Making Math Pop, or links to other titles and authors from our collection that have proved inspiring to many readers young and old.

These titles are both popular and non-popular mathematical works including the highlight of Dan’s article,  The joy of X : a guided tour of math, from one to infinity and Steven Strogatz on the Elements of Math New York Times math column.

Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Thomas Hogben

Martin Gardner

Ian Stewart

And for a recent and colorful narrative  on the personalities behind some mathematicians or enduring theorems, you may enjoy  A strange wilderness : the lives of the great mathematicians

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