JISC’s ‘Top Seven Predictions for the Future of Research’

ImageInteresting short article this morning from JISC (historically, this stood for the Joint Information Systems Committee, – think of it as the British equivalent of maybe the National Research Council?  or Educause? – ” the UK’s expert on digital technology for education and research.”)

Their top seven predictions:

  1. Researchers will go mobile
  2. Lines between professionals, amateurs and the public will blur
  3. Researchers fully embrace social media
  4. Data will drive research across many disciplines
  5. Automate it
  6. Visualize it  (technically these last two are imperatives or exhortations, rather than predictions, but that’s just me being picky)
  7. Researchers as data managers

Read more!  it’s an interesting commentary and good short summary of trends.   How does it match up with your thoughts about how research is changing?

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