Gear Up – Redux!

scidirect tocI could have titled this post ‘Keeping Up To Date With Table of Contents Alerts’.  We had a great turnout for our Gear Up event held in Baker Hall this week. Did you miss it? The table I staffed was busy with questions about using varied publisher services for Table of Contents (TOC) Alerts &  Search Alerts.

If you want to be notified when a new volume of a journal becomes available, set up a Journal Alert. One way to do this for a journal in ScienceDirect is from an article page in a specific journal. Locate “Alert me about new articles in this journal/book series under More options”. This step is pictured in the image featured in this post. You’ll need to set up a ScienceDirect login to complete this step.

Science Direct has added a new Articles-in-Press (AiP) section to their journal alerts. The AiPs are articles which are accepted for publication, but not yet officially published.

Now what if you want to setup a topic alert? I’ll use the term “Digital Humanities” as an example here. As this topic is cross disciplinary and not necessarily standardized as a subject term, I’ll do my search as a simple search in “All Fields”. When logged into your ScienceDirect account, you’ll see the option to “Save as search alert”. Just select this option and enter a name for your topic alert. You can change the frequency for the alerts to run, or delete them as well.


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