2013 Spring Newsletter

Kresge Physical Sciences Library
& Cook Mathematics Collection

Quarterly Newsletter

This is a quarterly electronic newsletter to update you on what’s happening in your Library! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions!

Looking back…GearUp.2012

  • Gear Up! was held in several locations (Fairchild Tower, MacLean, Life Sciences Center, and Baker Hall) and the turnout was great!
  • A new collaborative authoring tool, Authorea, was featured in a webinar in Kresge on Jan. 21st. We are looking into a site license that will allow Dartmouth authors to store a greater number of private articles in Authorea accounts.
  • CV/Resume Writing in LaTeX session took place on February 4 in Kresge and was a fun, interactive tips-sharing session. Each participant left with ideas on how to improve his CV or resume and using LaTeX to create the layout he was looking for.
  • watch our fun video compilation on the plasma screenKresge hosted a Kiss and Tell board on Valentine’s Day.
  • Altmetrics were the topic of an ACS webinar viewed in Kresge on Feb. 20th.
  • In the Winter term, Shirley Zhao worked with two Writing 5 classes and Prof Wegner’s Astronomy 25 class.
  • Jane Quigley worked with chemistry graduate student Xin Su, who gave a presentation on using Reaxys to the Chem 262 seminar. View the slides on the Chemistry Research Guide, on the Tutorials & Tips tab

Spring EventsEyeInstitute.2013

Spring Staffing and Hours

  • This term Kresge will be open Monday-Thursday 8am-1am, Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 11am-10pm, and Sunday 11am-1am.
  • Ann Perbohner is on leave for 6-8 weeks and in the interim, Shirley Zhao will be managing the mathematics and computer science collections and supporting the information and teaching needs of the respective departments. Veneda Gabourel, a night supervisor at Baker-Berry Library, will be helping us out with Saturday staffing.


  • We are continually adding new books to the collection. Please drop by Kresge to peruse our New Books shelf or check the new acquisitions lists.
  • If there’s a new book that you think would make a great addition to the library, please suggest a purchase!

Research/Information Guide Highlights

Select library-wide and campus-wide events

updated 4/5/13

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