Kresge Celebrates Student Research

Student research posters are hung in Kresge Library

Student research posters being hung in Kresge Library (special thanks and credit to Kresge staff member Marcia Pirone for framing and organizing the exhibit)

Just in time for commencement!   Please find time to come by Kresge Library, on the 3rd floor of Fairchild Hall, to view the 2013 student research poster winners from two important events this spring.

The Graduate Student Poster Session at the Hopkins Center on Wednesday, April 10th was a fantastic event, and the following individuals whose research posters were recognized for their excellence kindly agreed to allow them to be hung in Kresge Library for the coming year:

  • Sadik Antwi-Boampong, Chemistry (Joseph Belbruno)
    Detection of Formaldehyde Vapor Using Conductive Polymer Films
  •  John Gartner, Earth Sciences (Carl Renshaw, Francis Magilligan)
    Irene Landslides and Sedimentation in Vermont Rivers: Importance of Gradients in Transport Capacity
  •  Marianna Kleyman, Biochemistry (Duane Compton)
    STAG2 Regulates Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachments in Human Cells
  •  Alexander Schlegel, Psychological & Brain Sciences (Peter Tse)
    A Neural Network Supporting Mental Operations on Visual Imagery

The Wetterhahn Symposium and Sigma Xi / Christopher Reed Undergraduate Poster Competition were held on May 23rd, and the following five graduating seniors were recognized for the excellence of their research posters, which also can be viewed in Kresge Library’s student research poster gallery:

  • Sarah L. Khan, Biology (C. Robertson McClung)
    Genetic Analysis of the Shade Avoidance Response in Brassica Rapa
  • Ellen P. Roy, Earth Sciences (Meredith Kelly)
    Developing a Holocene Temperature Record from Lake Sediments in Northwest Greenland
  • Angela C. Gauthier, PBS (David Bucci)
    Social Interaction in the Rat Brain and Effects of Cross-Fostering WKY/SHR Rats on Behavior
  • Tyrone DeSpenza Jr, Physiology (Bryan Luikart)
    The Effect of Pten Point Mutations in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    * special shout-out to Tyrone ’cause he works in Kresge – Hi Tyrone!
  • Thomas M. Das, Biology (Sharon Bickel)
    The Effect of Oxidative Damage on Meiotic Chromosome Segregation in Drosophila Melanogaster Oocytes

Truly, this gallery of outstanding research posters (and beautifully composed, too! very effective visually as well as textually)  is worth a visit to Kresge Library (as if you needed a reason!).   It’s a quiet and reflective space right now, in the calm of intersession, but over the coming year these posters will look down over dozens and dozens of students working through many late nights with those TI-84 graphing calculators and their laptops.

We’re honored to be able to display the results of their work.

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