Summer is Still Here! Relax With New Popular Science Titles!

brilliant blundersBrilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein – Colossal Mistakes by Great Scientists That Changed Our Understanding of Life and the Universe
Enlightening. . . . For many people, being a great scientist means being above error. . . . Livio’s book is a valuable antidote to this skewed picture. . . . Thanks to his deep curiosity, Livio turns Brilliant Blunders into a thoughtful meditation on the course of science itself.
–Carl Zimmer The New York Times Book Review
Hunting TapirHunting Tapir During the Great Flood
More Indiana Jones than Geek, Kalb, with honesty and humor, portrays the ambition, politics, competition and maneuverings of paleontology, archeology and anthropology.   But at its heart, Hunting Tapir is a love story about the enduring bond between Kalb and his wife Judy.
The Authors’ Assistant

Nanotechnology the wholeNanotechnology:  The Whole Story

Closer to a popular science book than a high-level treatise, Nanotechnology: The Whole Story works from the ground up to provide a detailed yet accessible introduction to one of the world’s fastest growing fields.

– From CRC Press

Afterglow of Creation

Afterglow of Creation

…tells the story of the biggest cosmological discovery of the last hundred years: the afterglow of the big bang. The result of this find was a “baby photo” of the universe… sensationally described as “like seeing the face of God” -…which revolutionized our picture of the cosmos.

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