Try BrowZine – An iPad App for Browsing Journal Issues


Watch this short introduction to BrowZine  (you’ll get the idea right away)

BrowZine is a new app that the Library is testing out through August that lets you create your own virtual current journal shelf on your iPad or other tablet. You can browse the Library’s journal collection, choose the titles you want on your shelf, download articles of interest for later reading, and save references.

Not all the journals that the Library subscribes to are available, but there is a pretty huge collection especially in the sciences.   View the publisher list here.

To use BrowZine:

  • From your iPad, download the free BrowZine app from the App Store and install it.
  • When you open BrowZine for the first time, you will see a list of schools; please select “Dartmouth College”.
  • Select the subject areas and start browsing, or select titles from the list and create your own bookshelf.
  • You will need VPN for working from off campus. For instructions on setting up VPN on your iPad, see:

BrowZine is also available at the Google Play and Amazon/Kindle stores for Android tablets. For more about BrowZine, see:

You can access BrowZine with Dartmouth College Library subscriptions loaded (on a trial basis) from August 2, 2013 through August 31, 2013.

…  and last but not least, send us feedback or we won’t know whether you like this app or not.     As with so many things in life, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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