Kresge Reference: Extreme Makeover

If you’ve been perplexed by the stacks of books, the constant rearrangement, and the rainbow of green, yellow, and red slips in Kresge’s Reference Collection, here’s the scoop.

Change comes to Kresge Reference

Change comes to Kresge Reference

Based on new patterns of information availability and use, as well as input from Kresge’s new grad student Library Advisory Board (K-LAB), we’re reconfiguring our old-school reference collection to be more in step with the times.

Three shelving units of multi-volume sets, encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries are being downsized to one, with books and book sets being considered either for discard (if obsolete or superseded by online versions) or moving into the regular book stacks, where they can be discovered more readily by people browsing in those locations.

Coming soon – new study tables and perhaps another rolling whiteboard?   Vote! (on the whiteboard:

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