ACS Digitizes Legacy Data (and makes it freely available to all)

SI for an early Sharpless article in JACS

SI accompanying an early Sharpless article (JACS, 1981)

This just in!   We’d heard about this initiative before (“ACS – 2013 Initiatives (aka good news!)“) and it appears that the work is now complete.   Congratulations to ACS for this great contribution, – made freely available to all, with relevant data linked from articles’ abstract pages.

ACS Publications today announces the completion of a comprehensive undertaking to digitally convert and conserve the Supporting Information for its broadly subscribed ACS Legacy Archives journals collection. This initiative was part of the Society’s commitment to broaden the online accessibility of the supporting information and data associated with the ACS Legacy Archives –– a premium collection of nearly half a million original research articles published in ACS journals between the years 1879 and 1995. The digitization effort has generated new Supporting Information files for 40,000 ACS original research articles, and in total comprises 800,000 pages of highly valuable data and underlying research information.”

… and, from the full press release:

“Among the extensive collection of the newly available digital information are many noteworthy examples of data that supported published scientific breakthroughs, such as:

And now, about that microfiche …

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