Friday Fun Feature: Origami

When people ask me what aspect of math I studied as a math major, I like to say the intersection of math and art. Although I haven’t studied the mathematical aspects in depth, I love origami and have been folding on and off for the last 15 years. Recently, I’ve been folding lucky stars (see my other post for more pictures), but I want to go back to working on modular origami soon.

Plus magazine published a really interesting article on “the power of origami.” The author talks about the impact origami has made in science and technology and touches on the basics of the math behind it. Big names in origami-math include Robert J. Lang and Thomas Hull. Find the cutting edge papers on computational origami or origami-math on arXiv!

Now come check out some of the books we have at the Library!

Between the Folds
Jones Media Center #9820

Origami Tessellations
Cook TT870 .G49 2009

Ornamental Origami
Cook TT870 .M822 2009

Marvelous Modular Origami
Cook TT870 .M82 2007

Project Origami
Cook QA19 .P34 H85 2013

Origami Design Secrets
Sherman TT870 .L2614 2003

How to Fold It
Cook QA564 .O76 2011

Geometric Folding Algorithms
Cook QA491 .D46 2007

Origami, Japanese paper folding
Book Arts Ref TT870 .O75 1959

And go see the “book” Fun Origami at Rauner.

Read the Rauner post about it here!

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