Try It! EVGeoCloud For Geospatial Data.

Do you use geospatial data?   Ever wish you could select and download data based on geospatial parameters through a map interface?  We are now trialing EVGeoCloud, a new product from East View Cartographic. The trial lasts through the end of November  so don’t delay! EvGeoCloud

EVGeoCloud is a hosting service for geospatial data. Its interface allows you to select parts of datasets based on a selected area. East View will upload any of our purchased datasets as long as the licensing allows it.

Since the product is a hosting service, most of the data shown during the trial is not available for downloading. However, we do have access to the LandScan datasets, and you can download any portion of that data you want.

At this time, subscribers cannot upload local data. That option may become available late next year.

Take a look at this product and let us know what you think about it.   You can either use this form or just email me (Jane Quigley) or Lucinda Hall in Evans Map Room.

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