New Exhibit: Discovering Retirement through the Digital Camera Lens II

ImageLongtime Chester resident Lew Watters is exhibiting a series of photographs at Dartmouth College, Kresge Physical Sciences Library, 6115 Fairchild Hall, Hanover, NH 03755 during the months of February and March.  The free exhibit, open during regular library hours, focuses on his rediscovered joy of photographing life in Chester, travel in the southwest, nature and wildlife, celebrating family, photography classes at Saint-Gaudens NHS, and capturing the art of handcrafted dolls made by his wife Bonnie.

In his retirement Mr. Watters began more serious photography with the gift of a digital SLR camera and the creation of a light studio in order to faithfully capture the extraordinary dolls made by his wife Bonnie. Yearly visits to the southwest for winter vacations opened the vast horizons of the Colorado Plateau, tagging along with daughters Kate and Kelly, shooting macro images of exotic dessert plants, long-range telephoto shots of wildlife, and farmers markets in bustling Tucson. Back home in Vermont and his beloved hometown, the endless scenes of the changing seasons, the family gardens and pets, his historic Stone Village neighborhood, all continue to capture his interest and visual interpretation.

Work experience in a HS computer classroom and his Park Ranger years at Saint-Gaudens National Historic site fueled his passion for mastering digital photo editing using Adobe Photoshop. Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, NH is the perfect place to control natural light whether shooting formal flower gardens, or the subtle nuances of bronze and plaster sculptures of civil war heroes inside a meticulously preserved art studio. The Colorado Plateau in the southwest provides a dramatic contrast in subject, climate, geography, and light.

After formal education and college in Colorado, Mr. Watters served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War stationed on an amphibious ship home-ported in Yoksuka, Japan. Equipped with his Nikon F he could be seen photographing Marines landing ashore, or the temples, shrines and gardens in the ancient capital of Kyoto.

Photo by Lew Watters: abandoned truck #0048 in Paria Canyon, AZ

For Further Information Contact:

Lew Watters



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