Celebrating BASIC at 50

This spring marks 50 years since Dartmouth Professors John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz along with undergraduate students made computing history when they simultaneously launched computer time-sharing and the BASIC programming language for the first time. BASIC made computers and programming accessible to a generation and opened the door to the digital age. Dartmouth is celebrating the anniversary of their achievement with the following series of public events on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

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Part of the celebration includes an exhibit featuring photographs and documents from Rauner Special Collections Library. It is curated and written by Amelia Raether ’13 (Presidential Fellow, Office of the Provost) and Henrike Frowein (Project Specialist, Office of the Provost), and designed by Dennis Grady (Library Education & Outreach). Please stop by the Berry Library Brickway between April 15 through May 5 to see it!

Additional information/resources:

Material on President John Kemeny:

Material on Professor Thomas Kurtz:

More Special Collections on computing:

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