Kresge Appreciates Its Grads

Grad Appreciation Week Comes To A Close

This past week has been Grad Student Appreciation Week, and we’d like to add our appreciation for the wonderful grad students who are part of the Kresge Library community!   From the time we first get to know them at orientations in the fall, all through the next five or so years of a typical grad student career, they’re some of the folks we get to know most closely. by email and in conversations and impromptu meetings by the bike rack.

And a special note of appreciation to the 20 grad students who volunteered to be part of the Kresge Library Advisory Board (K-LAB)!    This group came together last fall and has offered input on a range of questions from “what’s the value of a library reference collection?” to “how important is it to retain print journals when we have online versions?”     Some of you are moving on after this spring, no doubt to bigger and better things, but we’ve still got one or two more K-LAB questions for you, … and maybe one final get-together.    So stay tuned, … Kresge’s not done with you yet!


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