Mobile Apps for Chemistry, Physics, Biology


Image used under a CC BY-SA Creative Commons license

A round-up of sites describing useful and popular chemistry apps for mobile devices:

goldstar2Mobile Science lists a range of popular apps in chemistry and other disciplines (physics, biology, math) with brief descriptions and up- and down-votes.

goldstar2The SciMobileApps wiki has an extensive list of chemistry apps, as well as other disciplines.

goldstar2  Check out The Mobile Chemist & Chemical Engineer from Stanford’s Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library.   Arranged by category including Formulas, Structures, Reactions; Journals, Magazines, News; Structure Drawing; 3D Visualization; Calculating & Graphing  and so on.

Don’t forget Browzine!   goldstar2Licensed by the Library, Browzine delivers the most recent issue of thousands of academic journals to your iPad or Android tablet.   Select journals you follow and arrange them on a ‘bookshelf’ so they’re always at your fingertips.  Save citations and pdfs to Zotero, MendeleyDropbox and other services for offline reading.   (Follow setup instructions to configure Browzine to recognize your Dartmouth journal access.)


Further reading:

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