Kresge Collections Are On The Move!

2014-06-11 10.08.10

Chem Abstracts’ New Location …

Ever tried to browse the Kresge Undergraduate Thesis collection?  At its previous location it was an exercise in agility as you tried not to disturb other patrons studying next to the shelves.

Never fear!  The Thesis collection has now moved to the wall adjacent to the conference room at the beginning of the Kresge stacks.  You can now browse the collection with ease.

2014-06-11 10.06.54

Undergraduate and Masters’ Theses Now Easy to Reach!

“What are you going to put on the empty shelves where the theses used to be?”  We are so glad you asked, because we have moved some of our major historical reference sets, including Chemical Abstracts, Landolt-Börnstein, Gmelin, and the TRC Spectral Data reference volumes to fill those empty shelves.

As always, if you are looking for something in our collection and can’t locate it, ask the friendly staff behind the circulation desk.

–  Lisa Ladd,
Kresge Collections Specialist

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