Students Talk About Their Research

Kresge's student research poster gallery

Kresge’s student research poster gallery

“ … that, for me, was part of the joy, – pushing myself to figure out, – oh, how DO you write a science paper, or how do you make a project work?  And then to write about that.”  – Saara-Anne Azizi ’14

Kresge Library has a lot of wonderful exhibits – from our colorful community art wall to the great exhibits researched and curated by undergraduate Presidential Scholars, highlighting objects from the King Collection of historic scientific instruments.

In this quiet study area in Kresge’s stacks, we display the top student research posters from two major research events on campus – the Sigma Xi/Christopher G. Reed Science Competition held in conjunction with the Wetterhahn Science Symposium, and the Graduate Student Poster Session held as part of Graduate Student Appreciation Week.

SigmaXi Poster Winners

Winners of the Sigma Xi/Christopher Reed Science competition talk about their research

This year, we videotaped short interviews with the winners of the undergrad Sigma Xi/Chris Reed competition, which we’ve posted along with the “Let’s Talk Research” interviews with the four graduate student poster winners – take a listen!

There aren’t many places on campus where you can study surrounded by such a concentrated display of talent, hard work, and motivation.  Thinking of submitting a poster, or doing honors research, or going to grad school?   Come take a look at what your peers have done and are doing!

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