ACS Central Science Approaches Launch Date

New ACS journal to launch in 2015

Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi

Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, Editor in Chief

ACS Central Science, the new, fully open access journal announced by the American Chemical Society earlier this year, moved closer to launch readiness by naming its Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, a researcher in organic chemistry and chemical biology at the University of California, Berkeley.  Dr. Bertozzi is also an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

ACS Central Science will publish only 100-200 articles a year across the entire expanse of chemistry and chemistry-related fields, including areas of pure chemistry such as organic, inorganic, physical chemistry; and interdisciplinary fields such as chemical biology, life sciences and biomedicine, computational and theoretical chemistry, nanotechnology, physics and materials science, engineering, computer science, energy and atmospheric chemistry.  All articles will be freely available online immediately upon publication, and without publishing charges levied on authors.  Manuscripts will be accepted as of November, with the first issue to be published in early 2015.

These new journals join two new journals launched by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and published in partnership with Wiley, both also highly interdisciplinary and fully open access, – Earth’s Future, and the recently announced Earth and Space Science, which will publish its first articles later this year.   [See our earlier post about AGU’s range of open access initiatives, and read AGU’s May 2014 announcement of Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s John Orcutt as Editor of Earth and Space Science.]

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