New Initiative Promotes Data Stewardship in Earth and Space Sciences

EOS.Jan2015The January 15 issue of Eos, the newsletter of the American Geophysical Union, includes an article about a new initiative on the part of major earth and space science publishers, scholarly societies, data repositories and consortia to work together towards stewardship of earth and space science data.

“To mark the launch of the partnership, key publishers and repositories signed a joint statement of commitment, which makes the case for collaboration as follows:

“Scholarly publication is a key high-value entry point in making data available, open, discoverable, and usable. Most publishers have statements related to the inclusion or release of data as part of publication, recognizing that inclusion of the full data enhances the value and is part of the integrity of the research. Unfortunately, the vast majority of data submitted along with publications are in formats and forms of storage that makes discovery and reuse difficult or impossible.…Connecting scholarly publication more firmly with data facilities thus has many advantages for science in the 21st century and is essential in meeting the aspirations of open, available, and useful data envisioned in the position statements and funder guidelines.”

A series of joint meetings, sponsored by the NSF and several major societies, brought together key stakeholders with interests in data stewardship: researchers, publishers and host institutions, domain repositories, and funders.  The goal of the meetings was to connect these stakeholders, with the goal of creating functional connections between them that will ultimately result in a shared set of practices to improve the integrity of data associated with publication.

Hanson, B., K. Lehnert, and J. Cutcher-Gershenfeld (2015), Committing to publishing data in the Earth and space sciences, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO022207.  (view article)

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