HackDartmouth 2015

This interesting email came in today and I’d like to encourage any undergrad to attend!

On April 11-12 (the second weekend of spring term), Dartmouth will be hosting its inaugural student-run hackathon! HackDartmouth is a 24-hour event where you’ll get the chance to build cool software and hardware projects, meet engineers and recruiters from companies like Google, Ionic Security, and Palantir, and get tons of free gear. We’ll have a whole host of events lined up for the weekend and loads of awesome prizes! All food and snacks are provided as well.

Register now and check out our website at www.hackdartmouth.io. Feel free to reach out to DartmouthHackathon@gmail.com if you have any questions or ideas or would like to help out with the event.

Polish your skills before the big day with the following resources:

  • Lynda — short video tutorials on topics such as 3D Animation, Audio, Business, Design, Home Computing, Photography, Video, Web + Interactive, etc.
  • Safari Books Online — latest books in technology, digital media, and business books and videos.
  • Git/GitHub — learn how to use it for codesharing.

Email me if you need help with finding something more specific!

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