New Exhibit: Watercolors by Gregory J. Pajala

Come by Kresge to view our latest art exhibit, “Watercolors by Gregory J. Pajala.”

About the Artist:

Greg is a lifelong Vermont resident that has been making art in some shape or form throughout his life. He attributes his abilities to the fact that there were only three TV channels at his house growing up. There were many hours spent listening to the radio and drawing pictures. He attended the
University of Vermont for Small Business. Upon graduating he returned home to southern Vermont where he worked at a ski shop for a few years. Not being the career path he’d envisioned, he returned to the University of Vermont for a degree in Art Education.

Greg has been teaching Fine Arts and Design Technology Education for the past sixteen years. Along with trying to perfect chrome and rust using watercolors, he enjoys photography, print making and woodworking. In the summer he does carpentry work and tends the garden where he grows hot
peppers and tomatoes in an attempt to create the perfect hot sauce. He currently resides in Winooski, Vermont.

art wall 0315 003

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