Annals of K-Theory Launches

AnnalsK-Theory.2015Mathematicians take charge.

A new journal in mathematics, Annals of K-Theory, launched this month with its first issue; the journ­al is owned by the K-The­ory Found­a­tion and pub­lished by MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers). Led by a pres­ti­gi­ous ed­it­or­i­al board, the journal will be freely accessible through 2015 and available by subscription from 2016 forward.

In 2016, the Dartmouth Library will subscribe not only to the Annals of K-Theory but to an expanded collection of journals published by the European Mathematical Society through a joint offering of the two publishers.

Readers interested in the history of this journal, – its antecedents in the journals K-Theory and Journal of K-Theory, and the controversies leading to the resignations of the editorial boards of those journals, are referred to the links below:

  • A number of documents are posted on editor Andrew Ranicki’s webpage, under the section K-Theory
  • Mathematician Peter Woit has chronicled the history of the journals (K-Theory and Journal of K-Theory) in his blog, Not Even Wrong:
    Job Action at the Journal of K-theory | Not Even Wrong, Sept. 20th, 2014 (accessed 8.23.15).
  • An 2012 article in the Economist, though it predates the 2014 controversy surrounding the Springer Journal of K-Theory, provides a nice overview of unrest among several editorial boards of mathematics journals, and the tensions that can and have arisen between traditional models of journal publishing and more recent, and arguably more sustainable, models developed primarily by scholars themselves.
    The price of information | The Economist. Feb. 4th, 2012. (accessed 8.23.15).

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