Advanced Research Skills – New workshop series for undergrads in the sciences

ARS_F15_Credly_badge1This fall, Kresge library is excited to present the Advanced Research Skills series for Undergraduates in the Sciences. This four-part workshop series introduces the concepts and tools needed to competently conduct undergraduate research at Dartmouth. Each workshop is designed to support a different part of the research process.

Tuesdays, 4:00 to 4:50 pm

9/29, 10/6, 10/13, & 10/20

Kresge Library Conference Room

Register Online:

Becoming a Researcher (9/29)
The series kicks off with a discussion on what it takes to be an undergraduate researcher at Dartmouth. A panel of graduate students and UGAR staff will discuss how to jump-start your undergraduate research experience. In addition, an overview of the research process and research support resources will be provided by the library.

Managing Information (10/6)

Finding, managing, and synthesizing scholarly literature is key to determining the current state of knowledge on your research topic. This session covers how to search for relevant literature, and the tools for managing and organizing your articles, citations, and research. Well-organized information allows you to validate your research and show how it contributes to the field

Managing Research Data (10/13)

Utilizing best practices and principles in managing your research data sets you up for success when it’s time to complete your project. Understanding the role of data in research and the basics of research data management (including file naming, collection, storage, and workflows) creates good habits to help you succeed. This session provides the strategies and tools to get started with data management.

Creating Effective Posters & Proposals (10/20)

Being able to effectively communicate your research helps you get noticed. Publishers, funders, and conferences require persuasive and well-designed abstracts and posters. Both good design principles and resources to create effective posters in PPT, Keynote and LaTeX will be discussed, along with the art of crafting a strong abstract.

Students who attend all four sessions and complete a reflection on the series will receive an Advanced Research Skills Certificate from Dartmouth College Library.

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