30 Tools for 30 Days

30Join us!  for a midwinter tour of research tools, sites, apps and programs that might bring some zing to your research workflow.  Beginning next Monday, for each of the next 30 days we’re going to highlight a different research tool in a series of blog posts; some may be familiar, others new and untried.

Each week’s set of featured tools will relate to a distinct phase of the research cycle – Discovery, Analysis, Writing, Publication, Outreach, and Assessment.

Sound interesting?  stay tuned … and let us know if any of these tools look like a good fit with your research workflows.  Take the survey (open till February 10, so don’t delay) – what tools do you use in your research and scholarly communication?  The survey was developed by researchers at the University of Utrecht who are attempting to chart the changing landscape of scholarly communication.

Next week … Tools for Discovery!

This idea was generally based on the following article, research website, and accompanying datacards
Kramer, Bianca; Bosman, Jeroen (2015): 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication – the Changing Research Workflow. figshare.
Retrieved: 21 25, Jan 13, 2016 (GMT)

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