Day 1 – OAIster (Discovery)

Days 1 -5: Discovery Tools

‘Discovery’ can have several meanings when discussing the research process.    From the discovery of information and data to the discovery of funded research and new opportunities, there are many innovative tools to assist in this first stage of the cycle.  This week we will be highlighting 5 different discovery tools that we hope that you’ll explore and find useful.  These tools include OAIster, DataCite, CHORUS, F1000Prime and Web of Science.

oaisterOur first highlighted discovery tool is OAIster, OCLC’s scholarly search engine that catalogs millions of digital resources from thousands of contributors and institutional repositories.  Started as a retrieval service for publicly available digital resources, OAIster grew into a union catalog of millions of records representing a wealth open access resources.  It was built by harvesting items from open access collections worldwide using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH).

The open access, multidisciplinary digital resources available via OAIster include digitized books & journal articles, audio & video files, photographic images, data sets, and theses & research papers.

Visit to search this free database.   It is a great tool to discover the wealth of open access scholarly resources that are available.
Up tomorrow…. DataCite!

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