Day 2 – DataCite (Discovery)


dataciteData is the cornerstone of scholarly research.  The recent federal mandates to make publicly funded research publicly available has created an emerging suite of new tools and resources to help researchers find, access, and reuse data. DataCite is a user-friendly tool to help make data more accessible and useful.  Created to develop and support methods to locate, identify, and cite data, DataCite supports the standards behind persistent identifiers for data to make research objects visible and accessible.

Through collaboration with a network of global members, DataCite:

  • “support researchers by helping them to find, identify, and cite research data and other research objects with confidence;
  • support data centres by providing persistent identifiers for datasets, workflows and standards for data publication;
  • support journal publishers by enabling research articles to be linked to the underlying data/objects.”

DataCite Metadata Search is a powerful discovery tool for finding datasets.  DataCite’s tools and services also can help you find a repository, cite your data, format your citation, and get your DOI statistics.  Check it out!


Up next…. CHORUS!

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