Day 5 – Web of Science (Discovery)

Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports, and Essential Science Indicators


Web of Science is a well-known and well-used tool to discover information.  With its database of over 1 billion searchable, cited references, it often is the first stop for literature discovery.   The powerful search, forwards and backwards citation searching, and the graphical visualizations allows you to expand the scope of your research and uncover significant topics and trends.

Other less-explored but equally as powerful resources reside on Web of Science.  Built off its comprehensive index, Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators offer additional ways to discover information.  Journal Citation Reports helps you discover the highest ranked (by impact factor) journals in hundreds of categories and allows you to compare journals or create customized indicators.  Useful when you want to discover where to publish that next article! Essential Science Indicators helps you determine the influential individuals, institutions, papers, publications, and countries in your field of study — as well as emerging research areas that could impact you work.

Access these resources from Web of Science and see what new knowledge you can discover!

On Monday, we will diving into 5 tools to support the Analysis phase of the research cycle. Check back then!

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