Day 6 – Hivebench (Analysis)

This week, we will look at tools for the collection and analysis of data. These tools include Hivebench, Plotly, CartoDB, ROpenSci, and Jupyter.

An electronic lab notebook is a tool that lets you record, analyze, and archive your lab notes digitally. Electronic lab notebooks offer promise in making notes searchable, storing information, and providing security for your notes and data. There are a number of different electronic lab notebooks available, most of which offer a free account for limited features and storage space, or more features and space for a cost. Some examples include LabGuru, LabArchives, and DoCollab.


Hivebench is a collaborative electronic lab notebook that allows you to manage your data and lab notes together with other members of your team. Your notebook is protected by such measures as data encryption, authentication, regular backups, and electronic signatures to verify that data were collected by you. Hivebench offers a free collaborative lab notebook with 10 GB of storage, open to up to 10 people through its “Open Science” plan, or unlimited storage and collaborators for a fee.

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