Day 7 – Plotly (Analysis)

Plotly is an online tool that allows you to create data visualizations collaboratively. It offers a wide variety of visualizations from basic pie charts and histograms to heatmaps, bubble maps, and 3D charts.plotly

The process to upload data and create a graph or other visualization in Plotly is simple. You can upload an Excel file, enter your data directly into the Plotly web application, or make use of Plotly APIs for Python, R, Matlab, and JavaScript. If you use LaTeX, you can use Plotly to create visualizations with LaTeX typesetting. Once you’ve created a visualization, you can embed it in a blog or website, share the link with others, or export the visualization to a common format such as .png or .pdf.

Plotly partners with organizations in industries that include aerospace, finance, energy, government, journalism, and research and development. Check out examples of the different chart types you can create with Plotly by visiting the Plotly feed. One example, State Water Use by Category (2010) by Plotly user @isaacfab is displayed below.


State Water Use by Category (2010)

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