Day 9 – rOpenSci (Analysis)

Open data has become increasingly common in academia in the past few years, as funding agencies have moved to support open access to the results of scientific research.

rOpenSci is one of a number of groups that support open data. It aims “to develop and maintain sustainable software tools that allow researchers to access, visualize, document, and publish open data on the Web”. rOpenSci consists of a number of packages for working with data that can be used with the open source R statistical programming environment.

Some of the different things you can do with packages in rOpenSci include:

  • Retrieving data from DataOne, Dataverse, Figshare, and other sources of open data
  • Accessing full-text articles and/or article metadata from sources such as arXiv, IEEE, and PLoS
  • Retrieving altmetrics data
  • Analyzing data by creating plots and graphs with Plotly
  • Mapping data using mapping packages
  • Sharing data and analyses with other researchers


For more information about rOpenSci, take a look at the complete list of rOpenSci packages.

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