Day 17 -PeerJ (Publishing)

peerjPeerJ is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research in the biological,  medical, and computer sciences.  It an exciting alternative to publishing in traditional journals by providing a new scholarly publishing experience.  PeerJ is open – not only do authors retain their copyright, they can publish their work in an open access journal without paying exorbitant author fees. PeerJ’s pricing model allows authors to either pay a reasonable per article price (less than $700!) or  buy a basic membership for a fee.  There is also the possibility for optional open peer review! PeerJ is indexed in PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, etc which allows for high discoverability.   You can check out all the benefits of publishing in PeerJ here.

But wait… there’s more! PeerJ also offers a preprint service called PeerJ PrePrints. PeerJ PrePrints accepts research articles, “posters”, literature review articles, case studies, case reports, etc. You can use the service to solicit feedback, work in revisions, and publish updates.  Once the publication is finalized, you can either submit the manuscript to PeerJ or another journal of your choice.

But how do you find other open access journals, you ask?  Stay turned for tomorrow’s tool!

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