Day 21 – Google Scholar Citations (Outreach)

This week we look at tools for outreach and sharing your research with others. First up: Google Scholar Citations.

Google Scholar is a popular tool among academics, and with Google Scholar Citations you can create a profile to make your publications easier to find in Google Scholar. This is especially helpful if there are other scholars with names that are similar to yours, or if you have published under different variations of your name.

You can create a profile using a Google account. You will add your publications to your profile from Google Scholar, and choose whether to let Google automatically add new publications or to add new publications manually. You can also add more information about yourself to share with other researchers, including your affiliation and a link to your homepage.

Once you’ve created a profile, you can choose to make it public or private. A public profile will help other researchers find your work. When they search for your name in Google Scholar, a link to your author profile will appear at the top of the page. Similarly, if a researcher finds one of your publications, they can click on your name to view your author profile in Google Scholar.

If you don’t want to make your profile public, a private profile can be useful too. In either case, Google Scholar can help you keep a record of your publications, and will keep track of citations to your articles in Google Scholar. It will provide you with indicators of your research impact such as a graph showing the number of citations your publications receive over time and your h-index.

Below is an example of a Google Scholar profile created for Albert Einstein.


If you do not yet have an author profile in Google Scholar, you can get started or learn more.

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